Buying a Ink Catridge for A Printer

My HP Envy 4500 printer ran out of black ink today and I need to print something today. I immediately went to my favorite online store which is to check the price for the HP 61 (CH561WN) Black Original Ink Cartridge. The selling price there is $13.95. Then I did a product search at Surprisingly the selling price there is $13.95, the same price as Amazon. I tried ordering at with the option of picking it up from Walmart store. The nearest Walmart which is couple of miles away from my house has this item in stock. I was able to complete the order and paid for the ink cartridge using Paypal. Paying with Paypal is a plus for me. I have few thousands dollar in Paypal after selling one of my audio equipment several years ago. I have spent some of it buying some vacuum tubes for my HIFI equipment. However, I am glad that I could spend it on other than non-HIFI equipment. does not accept payment from Paypal. With the competitive price at and option of store pickup, it looks like I’ll be buying more product from in the future.

By the way, the HP Envy 4500 is a very good value for money printer. I bought it more than a month ago and it works better than I expected.